Sunday January 7, 2017

Sunday January 7, 2017  All the snow we were hoping for came in the form of rain!  In January! We’ll have another chance for the white stuff next week and I suppose I should reread some of my blog posts from last January when we were nearly paralyzed by so much snow that simple chores took the entire day. The barn on a rainy day is a wonderful place to be.  Alpacas, dogs and cats all sharing their space with one human, me. The smell of wet hay, mixed with wet dog and a little composting alpaca beans is heavenly. When I first walk into the barn they all look sat me to try to figure out why I’m there, but when I sit down, they allow me to become one of them.  And that is one more thing I’ll celebrate in 2018. ūüôā 

Photo of the day:  This is Belle’s waiting for snow face.  

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