Thursday November 16, 2017

Thursday November 16, 2017   The bad news is our Ford F150 is dead and will be dissected for part at our mechanics place. The good news is I now have a space for year round skirting and fleece activity in the garage …until we find a replacement truck that is! (oh don’t be so happy Linda, Ed is really sad about his truck) 

Rain is in the forecast and I’m ready!  I cleaned the pastures yesterday, spread some “poop dust” around and now it’s time to have it soak into the ground. I also plugged up some racoon sized holes in the fencing which hopefully will cut down on unwanted critters during the winter months.  Raccoons can be cute, I know, but Chief thinks they should all be eliminated and I’d like to save him the battles.  Happy Thursday!

Photo of the day: Most alpacas would not enjoy this but our Scarlett is a very special girl. She really loved being hugged by my sister. ❤️

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