Trailing of the Sheep – Woodland style

Saturday October 28, 2017  Every year in the fall, the shepherds bring the sheep down from the mountains and move them through town.  The sound of hundreds (maybe thousands) of little sheep feet walking down Lower River Road is something to hear.  Chief was raised with a herd like this and sadly abandoned by the shepherds after they moved the sheep, but I’ll tell you what. When he hears those sheep coming through town he goes nuts! If you click on the photo to enlarge it. you’ll see 2 dogs following the guy on horseback.  Could they be relatives of Chief?  Perhaps so.  Chief settles down after they go past our place and seems quite happy for extra pats on his head.  I think he’s glad he lives here.

Tours and visits all day long – another busy Saturday at the ranch.  

Photo of the day:  Trailing of the sheep – Woodland style!

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