Livestock Guardian Rescue Dogs

Tuesday October 17, 2017  I get asked questions about our livestock guardian dogs almost as much as about our alpacas.  Let me talk just a bit today about rescue dogs.  Oh the idea is wonderful, idyllic even.  But the reality is that not every Great Pyrenees or other livestock guardian breed (Maremma, Kuvasz, Akbash etc) is suited for work with livestock. We’ve been very very lucky with our last 2 rescues but that could be in part to the fact that I have had these dogs for almost 20 years and am here 24/7 to “help” them adjust to life as a guardian. Chief had fabulous instincts because he  was raised by his parents who guarded sheep in the mountains.  Charlotte was in a pet home and they knew that did suit her, but still she needed lots of supervision, and help from the other dogs before she could be fully trusted to do her job. Abby, who we purchased from a breeder, was taught her job here by our first two guardians Gideon and Ajax.  So should you get  rescue dog for the job of a guardian? Maybe.  But you must know how to evaluate him or her and be willing to be very involved in their training from the minute they arrive.  Your alternative is to find an experienced breeder and have them train your guardian for you. 

Photo of the day: Our big boy Chief was born into a flock of sheep in the Uintah Mountains. We’re grateful he lives with us now.  

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