The best laid plans….

Sunday October 15, 2017  We loaded the girls into the trailer, paperwork in hand, map set on the new phone showing us the route and off we went.  20 minutes later a big POP from the engine of our dear old Ford F150 and we were pulling off the road on to a shoulder.  At least there was a shoulder! And we did have cell phone reception to call a towing company. An hour later we were back home, unloaded the girls and made a few calls to our mechanic. We can just call it a test run I guess.  We’ll figure a way to get them delivered soon.  

It’s a very chilly 14° degrees here this morning and the frost is definitely on the pumpkin.  We are celebrating family birthdays today and by tomorrow we’ll be ready to start thinking about transporting alpacas again. 

Photo of the day: Thank goodness for Park City Towing! 

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