Full Moon Follies?

Sunday October 8, 2017  I know the full moon was a few days ago, but the skies are still flooded with moonlight here and all of our dogs were quite active last night.  Do they see shadows, raccoons or skunks looking for a cozy place to spend the winter? Whatever it is, we’re going to have a pre-bedtime chat tonight and go over the house rules of quiet from 10 pm til dawn! Our to the floor windows in the house allow the dogs to have a 24/7 view of the world and we might just need to block it off at night. The guardian dogs were busy telling the night wandering animals that they cannot spend the upcoming winter at Blue Moon Ranch. 

There is much to do on a farm before winter and those are the chores that will take most of our time today. Irrigation lines will be cleared and put away and other fencing taken down for the winter. But it’s a cool sunny day so it’s perfect for working outside. 

Photo of the day: Oh sure, they’re napping already. 


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