Tuesday September 26, 2017

Tuesday September 26, 2017  Yesterday I reclaimed my kitchen. It had been buried under yarn, yarn labels, curing bars of soap, soap labels, loofah soaps and more. Throw in a hefty dose of dog toys scattered all over and well,  you get the idea. But it has been reclaimed. 🙂

The rest of this week I will be confirming the alpaca pregnancies and maybe letting a few more girls see Romulus or SilverLake. I quite like the herd the size that it is, but I imagine we will sell some and I do love those babies!  Breeding is probably my least favorite activity because the calm and serene mood is replaced by raging hormones and intense “activity” but it’s the only way we have to get the babies here for next year.  Happy Tuesday!

Photo of the day: A handsome redtail hawk flew over head yesterday. Can you see him? Click to enlarge. 

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