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Wednesday, July 19, 2017 I wasn’t looking for a puppy. But as is the case with many of our dogs they seem to find me even when I’m not looking. (just ask Chief or Charlotte) I was and still am grieving for the loss of our sweet Newfie Matilda. No more puppies I said. When I’m ready maybe I’ll look at a shelter and find one that need us.  And actually I have my life filled with enough dogs right now that many people would think I’m nuts even thinking about adding another one! But the house dogs are all senior citizens and I know they won’t be with me forever. And I know that I have a deep seated, powerful need to nurture that will not be still.

One of my friends who purchased alpacas from us is a dog trainer and has started to breed newfypoos.  (Newfie/Poodle) We do have 2 poodle mixes in the house already (Jack and Ginger are labradoodles) and she thought I’d like to see these pups. So she just happened to send me this photo:

Nope, I repeated, no puppies.  I know how much work a puppy is if you do it right and I didn’t know if I could handle it. No No No. But dang it, I could not stop staring at that picture. OK, I thought I’ll just call and ask about this pup in the photo figuring I would hear something that would discourage me. Well that didn’t exactly happen. The more I listened the more I knew I could make room in my home and my heart for this new brown girl.

Her mom is a sweet Newfie girl named Betty, (yes I met her) and her dad is a handsome parti poodle named Brad. (I’ve seen his photos) This litter has been having experiences almost every day with the breeder to insure healthy well adjusted temperaments and this pup might very well be a therapy dog in the future.

Why not another purebred Newfie you might ask? Of course I love Newfies!   Well, because this little brown girl came into my path. I wasn’t looking for her. But there she was and here she comes. Her name is Belle and she will be so happy to meet all of our visitors!

Be prepared to be inundated with photos!

Photo of the day: My grandson knew she belonged here the first time he met her.

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  1. Anna Nash


    Today while grocery shopping I met a lady who is training one of your puppies for her nephew with Autism. I have an almost 6 year old daughter with autism and we have talked about getting a service dog for her. I would love some information on this process.

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