Let’s all calm down

Friday, June 16, 2017  I’ve been in a bit of a panic mode about how and what to feed our dogs since the devastating loss of our Matilda. I do not know if her food had anything to do with her untimely death but I have to at least consider it! So I started feeding the remaining 6 dogs kibble while I sort things out. (instead of the raw food as I’ve been doing for more than 25 years) Well they didn’t like that very much at all, and then I worried that they were losing their appetites, just like Matilda did. More panic sets in. Thank you to my dear sister who reminded me that I have a pretty good track record for keeping dogs healthy, including Bodhi who survived cancer after moving in with us. She reminded me that I have done more research on canine nutrition than most people I know. She helped bring back a sense of confidence and calm, all dogs were given their favorite raw foods yesterday. All is well again. Thank you Jan xo.

Photo of the day:   Scarlett thinks every Open Air Reiki session should end with a hug. 🙂

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