Super Bowl?

Sunday, February 5, 2017  If you’re into the Super Bowl today I hope your team wins! I need to figure out why the main barn cam isn’t working. I have a feeling that one of the transformers was “fried” when snow melted all around it so I hope I can find a replacement part. It will be in the upper 30’s here today so a perfect day for being outside. ūüôā  We’ve had significant snow melt this week and the alpacas are starting to think about reclaiming the pastures.  But when they walk on the snow, they lose their legs in about 2 feet of snow that still remains so they came back to the barn.  I’ll consider shoveling a race track for them today too. Happy Sunday!

Photo of the day: Friday said he’d watch the Super Bowl if I put a TV in the haybarn.  ūüėČ

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