Winter barn keeping

Friday, January 27, 2017  Our temps have dipped below zero again, but all is well inside the barns. I managed to get all the girls out of the barn yesterday so I could tidy up in there a bit. We do what is called deep compost bedding and what that means is we cover the “beans” with a layer of stemmy hay or straw and let it compost in there during the winter. It’s a challenge to get all areas covered when there are 40+ girls standing in there so it’s nice when I can move them out into the sun and get a clean layer of bedding down. It’s quite cozy and even generates a little heat. The boys’ barn uses the same system but there are fewer boys so it’s much easier to keep up with theirs. Since our poop carts are buried under a few feet of snow, I’m glad this is our system!  Happy Friday!

Photo of the day: The sun coming up each morning is always a beautiful thing.

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