My Happy Place

Thursday, December 22, 2016  Where is your happy place?  Mine is a few steps from my house inside our main barn. I was late getting home last night and finished up feeding in the dark, but the barn is always comfortable and calm and ready for me when I get there. Dogs, cats and alpacas were all hanging out together getting ready to settle in for the long night ahead. The smell in there is rich with hay and animals and I find it very pleasant. The radio plays Christmas music quietly in the background. I’m grateful that this happy place is so close to my heart and my home. I hope you can visit your happy place today, if only in your mind.  Happy Thursday!

Photo of the day: What took you so long?Notice the cat in the basket?  Yes, those are prayer flags, right next to the Christmas tree. It’s a multicultural barn. 🙂 I think Charlotte was enjoying the Christmas music when I took this shot.A close up of Friday enjoying his basket view of the feeding.Garbo had her safe spot for watching too.

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