Charlotte’s first year

Tuesday, November 15, 2016  Our youngest guardian dog Charlotte arrived here last October. She was in a pet home, not very happy there, and was advertised on a rescue site. She had many things to learn – how to act around the other 2 guardians, how to protect the crias but not run with them, how to protect the chickens but not chase them and much more. She came with a collar and I told her after a year, I’d take the collar off if she had learned all her lessons. (our guardian are microchipped but they generally don’t wear collars because they might get caught on fences) Well, we happened to be in Laos on her one year anniversary but this week we took the collar off for good and had a big hug. 🙂 She walks beside me everywhere I go outside, is vigilant in protecting the herd and I know she’s glad we rescued her. Happy Tuesday!

Photo of the day: Our sweet Charlotte.sweet-charlotte

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