Learning cool stuff at the ranch

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  If this is Tuesday, then it’s a Yaya day. Our grandson is being home schooled and I agreed to take one day a week at the ranch. Last Tuesday there happened to be a wild mink trapped by Chief squealing it’s head off. So we learned a lot about the mustelid species, why they are here (animal activists released them from mink farms in this area) what they eat, etc and he planned about a dozen different ways to trap one. What happened to the mink trapped by Chief?  I chased him out of his corner and he ran toward the creek, I hope he doesn’t come back.  We also learned tht the fisher, an eastern relative to the mink is a natural predator of the porcupine!  Lots of learning awaits today I’m sure. 🙂  Happy Tuesday!

Photo of the day: Garbo kitty found her favorite hiding place in a “cat cave” in the hay barn.garbo-hides

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