RIP Jubilee

Monday, July 18, 2016   Sadly, we lost our precious Jubilee yesterday. It is a heartbreaking loss for many reasons. Minnie is still crying for her and that breaks my heart again every time I step outside. She (Jubilee) was a little slow to catch on to things after her birth – she took a whole day to figure out nursing but I fed her fresh colostrum every 2 hours so I wasn’t too worried and was happy to see her nursing that evening. I continued to supplement her, but she wasn’t gaining weight. 🙁 She kept slowly declining no matter what we did. It happens. And it’s a sad but real  part of the life and the job that I love. The other 2 babies, Patton and Maybelline make me smile with their antics. We will carry on.

Photo of the day: We always remember the ones we lose. RIP Jubilee

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