Charlotte and the babies

Saturday, July 16, 2016   A cloudy day is in our forecast and it will be a perfect day for getting more photos of the new babies. Patton and Maybelline discovered each other last night and had some fun races.  Jubilee needs a little extra time to grow it seems. I’ll be watching her closely today.  I’ve been asked how Charlotte did with the births this week, so I’ll show you a video today and you can see for yourself. She did great, curious and loving about the babies, but respectful of the moms. She also got to eat her first placenta (ewwww). Anyway, I’m proud of her and as the moms relax into motherhood a little more, she’ll be able to love on the babies as they grow. Happy Saturday!

Photo of the day: Charlotte sees her first cria!

She loves them all. This is right after Jubilee was born.charlottes.kiss

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