Fleeces and a kitten update

Friday, June 17, 2016 To open a bag of fleece and begins skirting was a ‘feel good’ thing for me to do. We have such lovely fleeces how can they not bring me joy? And soon we’ll have new yarn and roving in the Yarn Barn!

And those kittens! Oh my, they have become so bold, so entertaining, and I got a few texts yesterday when they made their first appearance on the alpaca cam!  lol You just can’t be too mopey when kittens are flying over piles of hay. Each day they discover more of the playground we have for them here and they seem pretty happy.

Photo of the day: Garbo masters the art of hay feeder balancing.garbo-june-16Should you think she’s grown that much, here is a better photo to show her still tiny size.tiny-garboHer brother Friday was watching all this from under the hay feeder. 😉

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