a dirty little secret

Tuesday, May 17, 2016  And the rain continues! I’ll tell you a little secret – we still have the winter bedding in the barn, and that is becoming a “yuge” problem! A combination of too much rain, my leg surgeries and very wet ground has kept us from getting this very important chore done. Oh don’t get me wrong, the barn is cozy as ever, no nasty smell at all and all the animals love being in there. It’s just that shearing day is right around the corner and that day requires a very clean floor. Bottom line, we’re getting close to complaining about all the rain! Tractors getting stuck in mud is not nearly as much fun as it might seem.  Hoping for some dry days soon~  Happy Tuesday!

Photo of the day: This grosbeak and the alpaca in the background don’t care one tiny bit about the bedding in the barn. grosbk-and-qe

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