More Yarn!

Friday, March 11, 2016  Another warm day for Woodland, maybe the ice and frozen poop pile in front of the girls barn will yield a little. I’d love to get that cleaned up, but until it thaws, shoveling efforts are futile. We got some new yarn in from our favorite local processor last night, I’ll photograph it today and add it to the on-line store today too. I think you’ll like it! I’ve got quite a bit of handspun to add to the list as well. My wheel has been spinning a lot this winter. Yay for Yaya’s Yarn, can you say that fast 5 times?  lol  Happy Friday!

Photo of the day: 5 skeins of my latest handspun heading to Yaya’s Yarn Barn today. It’s chunky and lumpy and quite lovely. 🙂rustic-yarn

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