Let sleeping dogs lie

Sunday, November 22, 2015  We had such a great group here for our fiber gathering yesterday! Thanks to those who came! We’ll definitely do it again this winter, so be sure you get our newsletters to find out when that will be.  I love seeing newbies learn to spin or knit! 🙂  We also had a breakthrough yesterday with Charlotte and Ed.  She is very cautious around men and has been hesitant to come up to Ed since she arrived. But finally yesterday with encouragement, she came up to him and let him pet her. <big sigh> That is a very good thing, since I’ll be going to Kentucky next month to visit my mom and Ed will be here caring for all the animals without me.  Speaking of dogs, have you noticed one of them sleeping in the hay feeder right in front of the cam? I love how the alpacas eat right around them!

Photo of the day: Working dogs need their sleep too!IMG_5012

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