Not quite winter yet

Wednesday, November 4, 2015  The winds are howled, it rained a bit and the temperature dropped. ( It’s 24 degrees here this morning) But no white stuff.  I made sure all the alpacas (and dogs) had warm bedding inside the barn, automatic waterers all clean, and I felt good as I left them for the night.  Guess where they all slept? Out side in the pasture of course. As long as they dogs are working at night to keep the herd safe, I think it’s best to let them sleep where they want to.  We’ll have plenty of winter weather that will force them into the barn but perhaps they know we’re not there yet.  Happy Wednesday!

Photo of the day: What it looks like out my front window when a storm is coming in. That tree lost half it’s leaves in the wind.novembersky

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