Dog food?

Saturday, September 20, 2014  Feeding 7 big dogs raw food requires quite a commitment!  But I feel strongly that it’s best for their health, so off I go to Salt Lake City this morning to pick up a large order that we’ll keep in the freezer.  The guardians have been working over time at night keeping racoons from coming near the alpacas. I found several dead in the pastures when they didn’t listen to the dogs’ warning barks. 🙁  So anyway, I feed the dogs the best food I can find. They get a lovely assortment of beef, deer, elk, bison, and chicken  all with  bone and organ meat for a balanced diet.

 Photo of the day: Alegra is our only white baby this year. She thinks it’s OK to be different.  She’s also glad the dogs keep her safe all day and all night. 🙂alegra9.18

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