Update and a little secret

Wednesday, September 3, 2014  First the good news: We have ordered the replacement cable for the alpaca cam, and it should arrive in a few days.  The bad news – no alpaca views for today. so sorry.  But I’ll give you an update every day so you wont miss a thing. The weather has been perfect this week, the alpacas have been wandering eating up the last bits of pasture.  The babies race nightly, Alegra seems to be the fastest.   All the dogs are fine too.  Bodhi gets a rest from chemo this week and he seems to be doing well. (Also a little secret … we have a new granddaughter!!! But they haven’t officially announced her yet, so it’s a secret. :))

Photo of the day: Alegra has been gaining a pound a day….  look how big she is! That is full grown Piper on the right.alegra-in-fog

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