Babies are here!

Sunday, June 22, 2014    We have babies!!!!  Two at once!  Born about 30 minutes apart, both babies and first time moms are doing great this morning.  I tried to keep them in front of the cam, but healthy active babies don’t stay still for long.  The biggest challenge was keeping the right mom with the right baby. I considered separating them, but the moms were already unhappy being away from the herd, and they needed to learn to tell those babies apart!  By mid afternoon they knew for sure which one was theirs. These are both first time moms and they are doing so well. Smiley had a girl, Miranda a boy. Different moms different dads, but boy do those babies look alike!  I’ll be taking lots more photos today!

Photo of the day: Our Solstice babies. 🙂solsticebabies2014


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