Necessary supplies

In my opinion, these are the things you really need available before you bring alpacas to your place.

1.  Probiotics  Moving to a new environment is always stressful, and stress can disrupt the rumen. The rumen is what keeps everything else working properly in an alpaca so it must be healthy.  Probiotics will help maintain a healthy rumen.  We use MSE available here.

2. Halters and leads. We prefer the Zephyr Farm halters because they are so adjustable. you can get them here.  If in doubt order one size up, it’s pretty easy to adjust them tighter.

3.  A digital thermometer, better yet 2 of them. Available at your grocery store.

4. A small catch pen, and a way to get an animal in there.  ( hint: feed them treats in there so they will go in when you need them to).

5.  Syringes and needles.  a 60 cc feeding syringe, for administering probiotics, plus 6 cc syringes and 1/2 x 20 gauge needs for emergency shots.   All available here.

6.  The two meds I like to have on hand are: Thiamine  and Banamine  You will need a vet to prescribe them for you.

7.  Colloidal silver. A natural antibiotic  and the best way to treat eye infections in alpacas.  Available at your health food store or from Blue Moon Ranch.

8. If you are expecting crias, please find a good source for colostrum. Look for a healthy dairy or goat farm. It will be a life saver if you need it. Store it in a zero degree or below freezer. You wont have time to look for it when you need it, but it’s easily thawed in warm water in half an hour or less.

9. Breeding farms also need Karo syrup and a shoelace or clean string.  Karo rubbed on the gums of a newborn can give a necessary energy boost and in the rare occasion that you have umbilical bleeding it will need to be tied with the shoelace or string.

10.  We always have available alpaca minerals free choice. We prefer the golden blend minerals because they are chelated and they have probiotics included. You can get them here.