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Libby Lou delivered her first cria today and is being an excellent mom.  Congratulations to the Brownings who named their new boy Albert Einstein. At the very same time, Bonny delivered twins. A 11 pound boy and a 4.8 pound girl. The little girl, Bambina held on for a little over 24 hours, but we lost her. The boy, named Brigadier is gaining weight and looks good.



Truffle’s new daughter made her grand appearance while the press was here doing an interview for Open Barn Days. She got her 2 minutes old photo on the front page of the paper!  She earned her name “Diva” and we are just thrilled with her.



When we bought Madeline last year and asked for a breeding to El Nino’s Golden Legend, this is exactly what we were hoping for!! Isn’t she just wonderful? Her name is Legend’s Lady Marcella of BMR. We’ll call her Marcella


On the same day we lost little Skywalker, two new crias made their appearance.  Mercedes delivered another stunning white son ( full sibling to Stetson and Maverick) and Tinaja gave us a lovely brown daughter with black points. As a friend told me, “It makes ya smile even when you think you can’t”



It’s a chocolate girl!  Queen Ester and Morgan made this sweet little dark brown girl we will call Godiva. Full of spunk and running with the herd at a few hours old.


Ava and Bull, both white, have a beautiful fawn son!  Gotta love alpaca color genetics. A spunky little guy with a beautiful face and fleece.  His name is Skywalker, because he pals around with Yoda! 😉  congratulations to the Brownings who own Ava.


Sugar had a much better birth experience this year than she did last year. Her baby boy is beautiful and now we have one light baby to run with all the dark colored ones!


Paris had her baby today! Another boy but with wowza fleece, it’s probably best to be a boy. His name is Dark Link. Paris is being a great first time mom. Congratulations to Bob and Wendy Wood who bought Paris last year.


Liza and Morgan made a wonderful “criation”. His name is Edward Abbey and he belongs to the Browning of Rusted Moon Ranch. Congratulations on this most handsome little boy.


Our summer solstice baby!  Sophia and Bull did it again.  Born right at noon, she is just perfect!


Leila had her first baby today. Congratulations to Bob and Wendy Wood! A beautiful bay black girl and they have named her Smoke.


Another cria arrived today!  Minnie and Morgan have a son.  A Bay black handsome little guy we have named Donovan.


6.13.2013  First cria of 2013 has arrived! 

Photo taken at less than 12 hours old. Born 6.13.13 8:45 p.m. Dam: Lola  Sire: Morgan. My opinion:  Wowza! Trust me this little lady will be a knock out.  Her name is BMR Selena.

We have added yet another new herdsire!

Introducing AVR General Patton  ARI # 31583763

I’ve looked for many years to find a black herdsire of this caliber, and we are so very excited that General Patton will now call Blue Moon Ranch his home.   Please call or email to inquire about his introductory fee special.

First place Fall fest 2009

First Place National Western Stock Show, also reserve color champion

Second Place true black yearling GWAS 2010

First Place Fall Festival 2010 fleece show

First Place and Reserve Color champion CABA Classic Fleece Show

August 6,2012

We have a new baby!   We bought her mom just in time to call this baby ours, and we are thrilled with this cria.  Her dad is BMF Zeppelin, Her mom is Mile High Madeline. Mom and baby will be moving to Blue Moon Ranch as soon as they are able to travel.


July 4, 2012

First cria of 2012 arrives on Independence day! So of course we named him Indie!


Mom is BMR Liza, sire is Peruvian Presidential Bull. Nursing picture is when he was less than 1 hour old.  Yeah! That’s the way we like it! 🙂

April 4, 2012

We have a NEW HERDSIRE! 

Welcome Sierra Bonita’s Accoyo Vesuvio to Blue Moon Ranch

A powerhouse of genetic excellence! Vesuvio’s dam, Caprese, is as impressive as his well known sire! This full Accoyo girl had a micron of 14 at a year old. She won Color Champion as a yearling at a level 4 AOBA show in Kansas. Norm Evans said, she is one of the finest huacayas he has ever biopsied. She is the daughter of El Nino’s Michelangelo. Vesuvio’s sire is none other than PCA Accoyo Goliath, who is one of the best-fleeced Accoyo Offspring ever produced at Pacific Crest. He is the son of Caligula.Vesuvio’s histogram is one of the nicest I have ever seen!  :

AFD  16.2   SD  2.9   CV  18.1   %>30 0.6

September 12, 2011

We are so happy to announce that Jazzy had a normal delivery and birthed a beautiful baby boy.  His sire is Teewinot and is he ever a beauty! Jazz is being a great mom and we couldn’t be happier. I will not  be surprised if he is a modern rose gray by the time he’s a year old. (Jazz’s mom is rose gray)  lovely!  Note the gray face already.


September 7, 2011

A new record for the biggest baby ever born at Blue Moon, 26.6 pounds.  Appy and Teewinot did it again!! (the last baby they made was Sugar)   She is just perfect and named in honor of  Millie Murray.  Click on the name to read the blog post if you want to understand the whole story.


Millie Murray

Aug 11, 2011

Queen Ester delivered a super looking brown boy today!  Fleece to die for and a mellow personality. I think this one is a keeper!   His name is Starbuck.   His sire is CRA Peruvian Presidential Bull. This is one to keep your eye on. 


August 3, 2011

If there is one girl at Blue Moon Ranch who needed to  have a healthy cria this year, it’s Savanna. And that is exactly what she did. Her first cria was stillborn, the placenta detached before birth. But now she is the happiest mama alpaca of all. A really nice looking baby boy sired by Bull is the latest addition. Congratulations to the Porters.  And most of all to Savanna. 🙂



July 29, 2011

Maralyn delivered a big beautiful baby girl today.  After years of handsome boys, she finally put one in the pink category.  Congratulations to the Porters on their new addition. 



Dam: Maralyn     Sire: Teewinot 

July 13, 2011

Please welcome Griffin!  What a sweetie, with a mellow temperament and luscious fleece.  Strong and healthy, he was running before he was an hour old. 


Dam: Isabella   Sire: Shades

July 6, 2011

Two crias arrived at Blue Moon Ranch today. One beautiful healthy brown boy born to Sophia and Bull, and one tiny and very weak baby girl born to Mimi and Shades.


 Dam: Mimi    Sire: Shades 

We named her Miracle, because that is what it would take to have her pull through.  Several times we thought we lost her, but she kept breathing.  For 4 days she could barely left her head and I bottle fed her every 2 hours.  As of July 30, she is up to 16 pounds ( from 10.5 at birth) and the best miracle of all, she has been nursing from her mom, Mimi. 



Dam: Sophia    Sire: Bull

You must enlarge the second photo to see the gorgeous curls on this boy.  Oh My!  I see a promising future here.  His name is Simon and I’m grateful he could manage on his own while I cared for Miracle. 

July 4, 2011



Dam: Karma   Sire: Bull

Karma delivered a beautiful baby girl to celebrate July 4 at Blue Moon Ranch.  Bull is the daddy and she is really amazing.  Congratulations to Terri who bought Karma a few  months ago and now owns this sweet baby girl as well!  Her name is Gaila.

June 27, 2011



Dam: Lola  sire: Merlin

Lola never did follow the rules ( I guess I like that about her)  and she had her cria early as well as late in the day. And because we weren’t expecting him for a few more weeks, we were in the Dallas airport when he arrived!  Thanks to ranch sitter Beth, (who now owns him), all went well.  He weighed in at 21.4 pounds, his dad is Merlin and his name is Kona.

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August 30, 2010


We ended the cria birthing season just like we started it – with a beautiful little girl!  Well, not so little, she is actually the biggest cria ever born here at 25.4 pounds.  Livia did a great job and Presidential Bull is her dad.  Livia’s 1 yr old daughter Josie is always next to her mom and the new baby.

July 19, 2010


Wow.  What a great way to wind down the birthing season! At 17 pounds, he is the smallest cria this year, but what a lot of quality is packed in each of those pounds! Mercedes and Bull are his parents and for this kind of cria we have to be glad it’s a boy!  His name is Stetson.

July 7, 2010


A slideshow of this birth can be seen here

Lola picked the lucky numbers 7-7 as a birthday for her new daughter. This little gal was up and nursing in 30 minutes, then jumped through the fence to get with the rest of the herd at about 1 hour old.  Nice crimpy fleece with coverage to her toes – watch this one grow into a real beauty!  Merlin is her dad.

June 30, 2010

Another 22.5 pound baby!  Sophie had her baby today and she is just as big as Isabella’s girl Piper. She has some amazing brown crimpy fleece and with her size, there will be lots of it!  Sophie’s 1 yr old daughter Bella got to be with her mom for the whole event and is learning how to be a good mama in the process.  Her name is Stella, you can see her  fleece pictured in the last photo.  mmmmmm  


June 26, 2010

Come’on Isabella I said, get pushing.  Let’s get that baby out, as her labor seemed to be much longer than before. Well perhaps a 22.5 pound baby was the reason!  Ouch! Teewinot is the dad, so we know she will be spectacular. Up nursing and running before she was 2 hours old.  That’s the way we like ’em!


June 21,2010

After breeding alpaca for 12 years we finally got a solid black female! Thanks to Minnie and Aysen, and what a beauty she is. 19 pounds and the blackest black ever!  Minnie has given us some wonderful boys but this is the first time she has ever had a girl! She was totally worth the wait. 🙂 Her name is Leila.


June 20, 2010

While our internet was down, Bonny quietly pushed out this beautiful little boy.  Oh my, look at those brown curls!  And that face? Can you say “cute”? 🙂 His name is Dallas.


June 13, 2010


Truffle and Teewinot ‘criated’ a masterpiece!  18.6 pounds, with bright tiny curls of shimmering fleece. Her name is Ava.

June 10, 2010


What a way to start the cria season!  Sophia delivered a beautiful light light fawn girl right around noon today. She weighed 20.2 pounds and is very vigorous.  Bull is the daddy.  Look at that crimpy fleece in the first photo!  Her name is Sedona.

May 2010

We will not be having quite as many babies due this year, but we are happy to announce the ones we are expecting!  Click here to see the arrivals for 2010.  I’ll be staying very close to home in June this year! 🙂 As always each cria will be announced here as soon as I get the photos downloaded.

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January 2010

A new Fiber Helper arrived at the ranch!  This is our new Big Tom drum carder and it can turn a bag of fleece into a beautiful batt ready for spinning or felting. You can see some of the batts in our Etsy shop



Late day births are sometime problems, but not for Maralyn. She easily popped this little guy out and the only problem was that he has too much fleece to dry before dark! (which is not actually a problem! We dried him and put a coat on) Congratulations to the Porters of Blooming Alpacas on this very handsome boy. More photos later today.



Appy had her baby today! Even though her official due date was Sept 5, Appy has looked ready for a about a month . We have another girl!  Teewinot is the dad and she is just beautiful. Her name is Sugar.  And yes she is sweet!



Congratulations to Mary Owen on yet another girl this season!  Mom and baby both doing great, she does have a tinge of gray in her, I wonder if she’ll be another modern gray after her first shearing like her big sister Summer?



Queen Ester and Bull made a very sweet chocolate baby girl – look at the colors in her face and then check out the fleece!  Oooh la la! Up and nursing within an hour , racing the pastures by dusk. Just the way we like ’em. 🙂  Her name is Paris. (Noah – it’s on the way to Ouagadougou! )



Ohhhhhh! Can you believe what Karma did?  And she’s a girl too!  Sire is Patagonia’s Aysen. Her fleece is a bluish gray and she is as spunky as can be.  18 pounds – just right , and her name is Jasmine.



Ruby had another baby girl!  Congratulations to Mary Owen.  Mary has named her new baby girl Gwendolyn and Ruby is taking very good care of her. Gwendolyn’s dad is Patagonia’s Aysen.



Lola surprised us and had her cria after 8 pm today.  Lola has always been an independent thinker and decide to ignore the idea that alpacas have mid day births.  He is jet black, his dad is Magic and we are pretty pleased with this little guy. His name is Mason.



Whoopi had her baby today – wow what a gorgeous little black girl!  Kirk and Colleen of 4D Ranch have named their new little girl Aretha Franklin. Her dad is Teewinot, her fleece is what we expect from Teewinot babies…. awesome!



Finally Luna decided to have her cria.  He sure didn’t need to stay in any longer – he weighed 22 pounds! Teewinot is the dad of this cria and we will call him  Duke.



Bonny finally has a baby to love.  She had twins (both deceased) in 2007, she lost her baby Hope (hydrocephalus) in 2008 and we are all so happy that Bonny had a healthy baby this year!  He was born on Bonny’s birthday and is a big boy at 22 pounds.  His name is Bronson.



During our fiber sorting class, I had myself glued to the window with binoculars sure that Mercedes was in labor.  Well,. she was but her baby was stuck and after class Carrie Hull helped pull the little guy out and get him going. Bonding went well and Mercedes is being a great first time mom. His name is Maverick and I will be adding photos over the next few days. He will have an amazing fleece!



Isabella had another baby girl for us today! She’s bright white and has very silky fiber. 21 pounds  – a big girl! Merlin is her dad.  Her name is Delilah.



Sophie had her baby today and we have another girl! This baby girl is one of the biggest crias we have ever had born here weighing in at 22.5 pounds.  Sophie (the mom) was the biggest at 23 pounds. The daddy is Bull again and what a great job he is doing for us! Her name is Bella.  Thanks Bull!



Sophia had her baby today! A late day baby this little girl arrived at 5 pm.  19.5 pounds and very vigorous! A double rainbow covered the barn as she stepped out for her first drink.  Her name will is Eve. Her daddy is Bull and her fleece looks awesome – she is a vicuña color which will be more evident in photos when she isn’t wearing a coat.



Lily had her cria today!  Angelica gets a playmate!  Lily is being an awesome first time mom and I never take that for granted!  Congratulations to Mary Owen , who just might be glad she DIDN’T sell Lily! This baby’s daddy is our Bull and I am pretty impressed with this pairing.  Her name is Clarise.



Truffle had her baby today!  She was still quite wet when we found her shortly after 5 a.m. Her daddy is CCNF Archangel and I bet he’d be proud!  She is a very bright white and her name is Archangel’s Angelica  Truffle is being an awesome first time mom.



The last cria of the season arrived in style right in front of the barn cam!  His owner, hours away got to watch the whole thing!  Turiya is being a great first time mom and little “Zeke” looks great.  Congratulations to Vicki of Hobble Hill Farm on her first cria. 


Appy had her cria today!  We are now the specialists in little chocolate boys. This is Merlin’s first cria, and we are very impressed with his fleece.  Click to enlarge the photos and you will see what we like!



Maralyn had her cria today!  A 22 pound baby boy.  He looks great and his mom is doing well too.  Congratulations to the Porters on this handsome little guy.  His name is Patterson.



Shinsi had her baby today – a big 21.4 pound baby boy with some amazing fleece! (see photo) Congratulations to Jody and Londa, Willow River Farms on their new addition.   His name is Durango



Ruby had her cria today!  A big 19 pound baby boy, just the right size playmate for Jameson!  Mom and baby both doing well.  Congratulations again to Mary Owen!  His name is Thunder.



Two new babies arrived today!  Laurelin had her baby in the wee hours of the morning after trying very hard to get labor going the day before.   She has been named “Summer Evening” and is the most beautiful color of smokey gray.  Congratulations to Mary Owen!  At 13.4 pounds she looks very tiny next to our big boys!


Also arriving today was Willow’s baby – a very big beautiful boy, who has been named Jameson.  Talk about a bouncing baby boy – he was really jumping before he was dry!  Congratulations to the Maasbergs.  I love the photo where Jameson posed with his new little buddies.  He was just a few hours old!



Karma had her baby today and finally we have a GIRL! The darkest chocolate baby girl I have ever seen here and I guess you could say we are pretty happy!  Karma is being a fabulous new mom and it’s hard to get a picture of the baby without her mom in it!  Her name is Liza. 



Minnie’s baby arrived today.  A full brother to our gray stud Merlin, this little black boy looks great. 19 pounds of solid black energy now running with our chocolate boys.  My favorite yarns blend black and brown together so I see some awesome skeins of yarn from these babies too!          

His name is Nelson in honor of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday.




Petora had her baby today!  Exactly one year ago today she had Cooper – I guess she likes the number 7!  The darkest chocolate we have seen yet, I cant wait for this fleece to grow in!  His name is Arlo.



Isabella had her cria today. Another Bull baby!  So Bull can make chocolate babies too!  Because his buddy in the pasture will be Willie, we had to call him Waylon!  Imagine how good they will sound humming together. ☺



Congratulations to the Masaks of Shiloh Springs Ranch on their first baby girl, who will be named Shiloh’s Dream.  Annie and CRA Peruvian Presidential Bull made a stunningly beautiful daughter!   And I think she knows it!  



Sophia had her baby today!  Textbook birth, mom and baby bonding well and Sophia is a great first time mom.  We will call him Willie Nelson…. or just Willie for short.  He’s racing around the pastures and playing with Sergio already!



A new addition to the BMR herd came al the way from Canada!  Her name is Baby Jazz and we are quite smitten with her.  Can you blame us?? 🙂      Thanks to Linda and Russ of Delphi Alpacas for bringing us this  sweet little girl.


We added this amazing female to our herd at the AOBA Auction.   Her name is Truffle, an she will be going back to Cas-Cad-Nac Farm in Vermont to be bred and then she will return to Utah.   Her date will be with Archangel.  Imagine the possibilities!



Congratulations to Vicki and Craig of Hobble Hill Farm on their purchase of Pistola, Turiya and Victoria.  Well …. of course Victoria had to buy Victoria!   We wish them the best in this exciting venture in to the breeding side of the alpaca business.  These girls will join Gino, Sebastian ,MacGyver and Louie, the resident alpacas of Hobble Hill Farm.


The first cria of the year arrived at Blue Moon Ranch!  Lola and Teewinot made a beautiful baby boy. He weighed 24 pounds at birth , but Lola handled it just fine.   Photos here were all taken within a few hours of his birth.  His name is Sergio!



Congratulations to the Johnson Family on purchasing our wonderful little boy tribe!  We know they will bring you much joy!  Primo, Woody, Cooper and Zoom Zoom will move to the Johnson’s this spring.



Congratulations to Linda and Mike Thomas , Alpacas at Sundance Ranch, on their purchase of Kimberly Kay.  She has been bred to Teewinot and will give them a wonderful cria this June.  Kimberly will stay with us for a while so you will get to see if she has that little chocolate baby girl I was hoping for!


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