Healing time with alpacas

Many of our visitors over the years have expressed how much they enjoy the feeling of calm, and relaxation  when they visit Blue Moon Ranch.
“It’s magical”
“I feel so at peace here”
“I think my blood pressure just dropped a few points here”
“Being around these animals makes me feel so good”
“I get a sense of calm from the animals and it makes me so relaxed”
“The sound of the water rushing is so soothing”
Well, how would you like to have an hour of time to relax and heal with the community of alpacas at Blue Moon Ranch? Just for you, with quiet animal energy waiting to soothe you.  The space we have here is very special, the safe valley feeling, the creek babbling, the beautiful animals. I want to share it. I wish I could offer it for free because so many people need this, but we do have an aging herd that needs to be fed and this service will help to fund the hay bill.
Pricing for this opportunity will range from $55  to $200.  You will be able to choose from a menu of services that will offer options as simple as sitting with the herd, or energy healing sessions or you can choose to have an animal communicator present.
For a full list of details and pricing, please send an email to linda@bluemoonranch.net
These sessions will be offered only during the months of June – August, possibly longer depending on the weather.