Patagonia’s Aysen (pronounced eye-SEN)


Aysen Summer 2014

ARI # 814619   son of Danko

Out of 19 registered offspring in the ARI data base, 13 are either true black or gray. We purchased Aysen from Alpacas de la Patagonia back in 2002 and he has produced some of our best grays and blacks.  BMR Merlin, silver gray, BMR Celina, silver gray, BMR Leila, true blue black, BMR Jasmine, silver gray and Ziggy M, silver gray  to name a few!
Aysen is a proud male, although very agreeable to human handling. Many visitors to our Open Barn Days will leave with memories of the “gray male who lets us rub his neck!”


2 year old Aysen

2 year old Aysen

aysen ari