Alpacas for Sale

Blue Moon Ranch boasts a beautiful herd of 55 alpacas as of 2017.  Many of them are for sale!

In my opinion, the way to buy alpacas is to go look at alpacas. Meet the breeder who will be your mentor, check out the facility, and make sure that the alpaca looks like his or her photograph! We are open seven days a week by appointment for anyone interested in looking at our breeding stock. We also can ship out of state and would do phone consulations to help you decide which animals are best for you. 

“Where’s the pricelist?”  People are asking. I used to do a list with prices like everyone else, and I no longer think that’s best for my customers or the alpacas.  I want to be sure the alpacas we sell are right for you and your future with these amazing animals.  Do you want to have a fiber business or a breeding business or just a fun hobby?  After we talk, I can offer you a custom package tailored just for you.  Our prices are extremely competitive, and I love to find good homes for our animals.

Most of the alpacas we sell are customized packages of exactly what our customers want. This often includes animals that will never make it to the sales pages.   Come visit if you are looking into the alpaca business, we’d love to create a package just for you.

We prefer not to sell older alpacas that might be considered “culls” for a cheap price. We will keep those old friends and take care of them in their retirement.  The alpacas we offer for sale are young, healthy high quality alpacas that offer you a great future, and we offer them at a very fair price.  Contact us    or email

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