Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wednesday February 14, 2018  Happy Valentines Day! This will be my first Valentine’s Day spent alone in many years because Ed is with his brother in a hospital in New Mexico. And ya know what, being alone is really no big deal. When you think about it, Valentine’s day is mostly a day that is promoted by businesses who want you to spend money on something for your loved one. And that’s fine – as a business owner I do understand that. But the emotional implications of this particular holiday cause many people grief and sadness and that is unnecessary. Are you feeling lonely today?  Here’s my advice:  #1 Love yourself.  #2 Do something kind for someone else. #3 Remember it’s just a day promoted by businesses.  And if you are lucky enough to be with the one you love, give them an extra big hug. 🙂 

Photo of the day:  A photo “painting” I’m working on of our Cecily. 

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