Friday February 9, 2018

Friday February 9, 2018  The snow continues to melt away here and our hopes for a real winter are fading. 🙁 (I don’t expect much sympathy from those of you who live where winter is happening.) 😉  I had to go in to Salt Lake City yesterday and I saw more that a few people wearing shorts! The forecasters are saying we might see a few flakes tomorrow but you know how I feel about the forecasts lately. The creek and the river are both running low so we’ll hope for a rainy or snowy spring.  Growing up in the Midwest, I never understood how critical water is until we moved out west. Now that we depend on hay and pasture, it has become even more important.  Yes I am hoping for a wet weekend. Happy Friday!

Photo of the day: Abby found a small pile of snow left in the barnyard and she claimed it as hers. 🙂 

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