What happened to Appy?

Thursday February 8, 2018 Two days ago I went out with 3 bowls of dog food as I always do, to feed the guardian dogs.  I try to get Abby to eat inside the barn since the other 2 eat so much faster and then try to convince her she’s done while she really just eat slower.  As I closed the gate and put Abby’s bowl down, I though it was a little strange that none of the alpacas were around me, as several usually follow me hoping for a treat from my pocket. After I put Abby’s bowl down I gasped as I turned around and saw Appy our big appaloos girl upside down in the hay wagon!  No wonder none of the alpacas were in there! Her body was in the wagon, her head was on the ground and I thought she had died. She was not moving but I noticed a tiny gasping coming from her mouth and somehow I lifted her out of the cart onto the ground. She was gasping for air but definitely alive! She tried to stand and succeeded.  She did open mouth breathing for a while, and her tongue was quite swollen.  I continued to watch her and she seemed disoriented so I stayed with her for a while.  Once she could walk I knew the best thing would be to get her back with the herd.  I opened the gate and she walked to be near 2 of her daughters.  It took a while but before afternoon feeding she was totally back to normal. I have NO idea how she ended up where she was. If by chance any one saw anything on the cam, please let me know. It was the feeder right in front of the alpaca cam that she ended up in. A happy ending this time! 🙂  

Photos of the day: Appy feeling much better after her event. Can’t believe I lifted this old gal! She looks at me like this often now and I really think she’s saying “thanks”. She hardly ever looked at me before.

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