Barn cat life 😺

Wednesday February 7, 2018 I am responsible for the live of quite a few animals here. I take that responsibility very seriously and want to be sure I give every one of them the best life I can.  Sometimes I worry about the barn cats, would they be happier in the house? Do I spend enough time with them? And on and on.  There are risks for outside cats for sure, but I really think they are pretty happy with the life they have at the ranch and I do not think they’d be any happier inside the house. They interact with dogs, alpacas and humans every day, they are well fed and I make sure they have warm spots to snuggle in when they want to. Bonus for us is that mice no longer destroy the bales of hay. 🙂  Win win. 

Photo of the day: They sure seem happy and they definitely don’t need climbing toys!  Betty the old barn cat was lounging under her heat lamp when I took this shot. This was actually a single photo usieng the “live” setting on my iPhone. #garboandbogart

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