Animals and essential oils

Monday February 5, 2018 I’ve used essential oils therapeutically since 1998.  Way before it was cool and before everyone has their favorite MLM version of oils. I do use essential oils for my own benefit and I’m very particular about the brands I’ll use, but recently discovered a line of oils specifically created for animals!  This company has a slogan: “Tested on Humans. Safe for Animals!” Surrounded by a number of animals, I thought I’d try a few oils.  One method is to research and apply the oil according to directions but another way is to bring out an oil and see if the animal is interested.  I took a general immune boost blend out to the alpaca boys barn and it was quite interesting. Patton loved it, and came right in contact with the bottle, hovering his nose over the top, Bull took one sniff and was not at all interested in sniffing again. For this experiment, all I did was stand with as bottle of essential oil in front of me and the rest was up to the animal. Photos show the rest. Of coursse some alpacas are more timid so it might not be accurate as far as who really liked the oil.  My main interest in purchasing these oils was for our older labradoodle Jack and his arthritis, and I will let you know how that goes in future blog posts. 

Photos of the day: Hmmmm, what is that smell?

Hey I really like this!  

No way says Bull.  Notice the one nostril!  lol


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