Super Blue Blood Moon

Wednesday January 31, 2018  Super Blue Blood Moon. Wow. Too bad the clouds are so heavy here we missed seeing it. A full moon of any kind usually has things very busy here at night. Our guardian dogs are more active and barking at predators who are more active and even the house dogs got involved last night. <yawn>  The energy of a full moon is powerful no matter if you see it or not. Any school teacher will tell you that the energy of the class room is different around a full moon. And lunacy and lunatic stem from luna, the Latin word for moon. It is believed that people were more likely to show erratic behavior during a full moon. Do you think a full moon affect people? I know it affects animals. 🙂 

Photo of the day: Look who flew right over my head yesterday. He actually did a nice aerial dance for quite a quite before he headed toward the river. Click to enlarge.

And one more because I cannot resist a photo shop blue moon.

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