Monday January 22, 2018

Monday January 22, 2018 We’re getting back to normal here, our last house guest will leave today. Then there will be a glimmer of hope that my newsletter will get finished before this month is over.  lol  Recovering from the flu, hosting a big birthday bash and taking care of all the animals here left little time for any thing extra.  The next knitting class (Feb 3) was the main reason for urgency getting the newsletter out and you know what? I posted the class on Facebook and every spot was taken within hours. Say what you like about Facebook, it really does work for small business owners. Happy Monday! 

Photo of the day: Patton chews his cud contentedly as the snow piles up on his head.   The barn behind him is 24 x 36 feet with plenty of room for all the boys, but he prefers to be outside. 

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