Friday January 12, 2018

Friday January 12, 2018  I really thought I’d get my newsletter out yesterday, but alas I ended up back in bed again.  Sometimes the important stuff shifts and a nap really is the important stuff.  There is no way I can take care of all the animals and the business if I’m not at my best, so if extra resting gets me back in shape, I’ll be resting when I need to. On a happier note I am feeling better. 😀 And the newsletter will be sent out eventually.  Happy Friday!

Photo of the day: I thought it was a good sign that I stopped to take a photo of our beautiful sunset last night.  Note the sad lack of snow! 

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  1. Jen Johnson

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re on the mend! I’m shocked to see that you hardly have any snow. We have about 6 inches, which isn’t much considering that we had three feet of snow at this time last year. I’m praying that you’ll continue to feel better and that we both receive more snow. Take care, dear friend!

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