Thursday January 4, 2018

Thursday January 4, 2018  We got some gorgeous purple yarn dyed yesterday and I love the way it turned out. I tried a gradient method to give the depth of shading and it turned out exactly as I wanted. It’s still drying and needs to be reskeined but I’ll have photos soon and then it will be available the store. Today I’m on to another color – no room for boredom here. 

While much of the east cost is still suffering from brutal cold, we are enjoying  temps in the 40’s during the day. Single digit nights are helping to keep our little cover of snow but we really do need more. Maybe Saturday is what I hear now. Perhaps we should schedule an event?  That always brings precipitation.  lol  Happy Thursday! 

Photo of the day: While we wait for the yarn to dry I thought I’d share a photo from my last photo editing class assignment:  artsy fartsy bodhi  🙂 

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