Wednesday December 20, 2017

Wednesday December 20, 2017  “They” say snow is on the way. We really do need it so I hope they’re right. Our grandson is coming here today to bake Christmas cookies so that should be fun.  A little snow falling outside will add to the magic. ✨ I’m still shipping orders from the store, but can’t guarantee Christmas delivery any longer so I might temporarily disable the store until next week. The barn is as ready as it can be for a blast of winter so I guess we’re ready. We did struggle last January keeping gates open with all the snow we had, so the gates were raised this summer in anticipation of more deep snow. We’re fast learners.  😉 Have a great Wednesday!

Photo of the day: Belle wants to be sure I’m right behind her on our walks. 🙂 She’s doing great off leash (she drags it behind her just in case I need to use it) and pays very close attention to me all the time. Well, except when she wants to talk to the cows. lol

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