Color of the year – purple!

Friday December 15, 2017  Did you know? Every December Pantone chooses a color for the coming year. Purple Is The Color Of The Year For 2018.  Ha!  I started dyeing my yarn purple before the announcement, but I’m glad they agree with me.  lol  Since I’ve not been able to figure out how to breed purple alpacas, I did the next best thing and got the dye pot simmering. The yarn I dyed is a wonderful blend of alpaca, merino and silk and it takes the dye wonderfully. These skeins are 245 yards each and enough for so many projects! I’ll be dying more in January and February but I’m pleased with how these turned out.  I’ll have them in Yaya’s Yarn barn this weekend!  Come see us tomorrow between noon and 4:00.  

Photos of the day: It looked so pretty all white and wet I almost changed my mind about dying.But I went ahead and began the dye project.  Once I saw the color, I was glad I did.Next came drying and winding into the skein so the colors line up just right. 

You like? 🙂  A scarf, a shawl?  What would you make?  

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