Since you asked….

Tuesday December 5, 2017  People have been asking me how I felt about the visit we had yesterday from the current occupant of the white house. (I refuse to call him anything else) I was pretty much depressed all day long and it was one of the worst funks I’ve been in, in a long time. Opening up our precious land to mining, drilling and development is so mean-spirited and short-sighted it makes me sick. I had to concentrate on avoiding local news all day long because I had to protect my heart. I won’t go on and on because that is not why I do these daily updates, but just in case you wondered if I was I impressed with Air Force One landing here – nope.   I’m proud that my adult kids were there to protest.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..It is a whopping 5 degrees here this morning and I can see on the cam we have lots of cud chewing going on. That’s how they stay warm! The guardian dogs and cats have warm places to hunker down and their winter coats are very efficient at keeping body heat in. So all’s well out there.  Alpaca spice soap is curing in the mud room and once I get that out of the mold, I’ll get a batch of oatmeal soap started.  I have some new white yarn just in and today I’m going to fire up the dye pot and turn some of it purple.  That should cure my funk, don’t ya think?  lol 

Photo of the day: I figured out why the birds were not devouring the bird seed – Bogart found his way into the front yard and was guarding the feeder. lil brat. 😉 


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