Sunday November 5, 2017

Sunday November 5, 2017  Our knitting class was great fun and we’re talking about having our next one probably some time in January. Stay tuned. So far, we’ve made a cowl, and fingerless mitts with one skein, so we’re thinking a hat might be a nice addition to the line up. Maggie comes up with the best patterns for our yarn!

The snow we expected last night never materialized but they’re telling us it will be arriving today. I’m not getting the shovels out just yet. lol   Patton and Lincoln have officially joined the big boys now so soon we’ll be able to add the tarps to the sides of the boys barn.  Snow or not it’s time to tuck in for winter. Happy Sunday!

Photo of the day: Happy knitters!  They picked yarn from Stetson (on the left) and Gracie (on the right). 

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