Can you find the guardian dog?

Thursday November 2, 2017  The vet yesterday visit went well.  Belle weighed in at 53 pounds at her 5 month check up.  We’re going to have a big girl when she’s all grown up!  SilverLake is ready for his trip to Colorado and was a very sweet boy for his exam as well. It’s so nice to have a mobile vet that can help us take care of all our animals. We even had a chat about trying acupuncture for labradoodle Jack to help with his mobility.  

Our knitting class is on for Saturday and just in time before winter weather hits. How perfect. 🙂  

Photo of the day: I stopped to take this photo just up the hill from us and heard barking. Yep he’s right there – Can you find the guardian dog in this flock of sheep? Click to enlarge. For a clue click here

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