Saturday October 7, 2017

Saturday October 7, 2017  How do you find joy when you’re feeling sad? Well it sounds so trite but it really does help to count your blessings.  And keep counting until you feel better. I’ve been going over and the things I have to be grateful for and it does balance the sadness. There really is much more to be grateful for than to be sad about. I can even be grateful for parts of losing my mom, that she got to talk with each of her four children before she died, that she did know who we all were even at the end, that she wasn’t in too much pain and that she is now dancing with my dad. 

And today – Happy Anniversary to us! For 28 years we’ve managed to put up with each other. 😉 Lots of ranch chores to do today, then we’ll celebrate tonight at our favorite restaurant.  

Photo of the day: How can anyone not love fall?


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