First snow!

Friday September 22, 2017  We woke up to a white reminder that winter is not very far away! For Belle the puppy and Bogart the kitten this is the frist snow they’ve ever seen. Bogart is still curled up between hay bales in the hay barn but Belle is extremely energized.  So far this morning she has already brought me two logs, three squeak toys, a blanket, two old bones and my missing shoe. And that is before my first cup of coffee.  lol  We got our yarn back last night so today I’ll be making labels and getting all that ready for the weekend. Our event goes on no matter the weather! Knitters are going to love the yarn from this years shearing!  Happy Friday!

Here is a link to the newspaper article about our weekend event:

Photo of the day: Birds know the weather is changing and start to gather together.  ps this print will be available on a note card in our store this weekend.


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