Oh, those baby fleeces!

Tuesday September 5, 2017 I’ll be opening the yarn barn this morning for shoppers and then this afternoon the rest of the fleeces will be skirted. Skirting a fleece is removing any part of the fleece that does not match the best part of the fleece. I remove belly hair, muddy parts or in the case of a cria fleece, what seems like an entire bale of hay!  arghhh. Those super fine fleeces are like a magnet for vegetation and we do feed hay so it’s unavoidable. It would be helped if we would shear the crias after they are born but our nights are so cold here I have always felt the babies need all of their fleece.  I really hoped I’d get them finished yesterday but the heat absolutely made me melt. It’s 41° right now, I wish I could bottle some of the cool air and open it up this afternoon. lol Happy Tuesday!

Photo of the day: Bogart’s face when I told him I did not need his help skirting that fleece. Notice the tiny piece of brown fleece hanging from his mouth on the left side of the photo. 

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