Romulus in action

Saturday August 12,2017 Visitors coming today, of course, it’s Saturday! 🙂 We got 3 new bags of yarn back last night, they look wonderful and I can’t wait to see them in the sunlight today. I still have about a dozen more bags to get prepped and ready to send in so there’s no time to rest yet. But we’ll have a wonderful array of farm fresh yarn and roving for our Sept. Open Barn Days and then maybe I’ll get to slow down. 

I tested some pregnancies yesterday and most of the girls we bred are not receptive any more so that is good. Madeline however decided she did really like Romulus, so I let that breeding happen. Madeline is a easy birther, and excellent mom and she makes wonderful babies. She is mom to Zariah, Marcella and Mavis. This will probably be her last pregnancy.

Photo of the day: Madeline and Romulus (wearing the halter) and some of the interested ladies.

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