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Thursday August 10, 2017   I’ve had a few comments and questions about why the daily update and photo of the day are no longer on the alpaca cam page.  Simply, it’s because word press made an update to the overall structure of the website and I cannot figure out a way to get those widgets to work on the cam page any longer. The theme I used to create the website is a few years old and it might be time to update the whole thing. ugghhhh   But for now I’m up to my eyeballs in fleeces, and puppy training and summer farm work. Since most of the site is still functional, it will have to sit on a back burner for a while. It’s only one click away if you want to see the daily news and photo and I thank those of you who are still with me!  Happy Thursday!

Photo fo the day:  A fat bumble bee enjoys the back deck petunias as much as we do.

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