Wednesday August 9

Wednesday August 9, 2017  Do you know that wonderful feeling when all your projects are done, you’ve checked everything off your list and you can sit back and look at your accomplishments? Well neither do I!  haha

Wednesday is Farmers Market day for us. For years I tried to grow tomatoes at this altitude only to lose them at the first frost in early September.   This happened after waiting til late June/ early July for them to start growing because of our cold night time temps. One day I said to myself – “why don’t you just grow fleeces and let people who live at lower altitude grow the tomatoes.” Done!  The farmers market is also a great socializaton time for Belle. So today will stock up on tomatoes and be glad that we grow fleeces and not vegetables. Happy Wednesday!

Photo of the day:  Some kids use fidget spinners, this boy is a yarn spinner! He’s proud of how strong his yarn is. ūüôā

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