August 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017  So Vesuvio and Bronson have a new home, they both walked nicely with us to the trailer, loading was OK, then Bronson changed his mind and tried to jump out. (it was a horse trailer with a large-ish opening at the top) Oh my. After a bit a wiring some fencing to the opening, both boys were off to their new home. Thank you Sally!  I hope you get many beautiful babies.

Our permanent reiki shelter is being installed today, the dogs and alpacas will love having the extra shade in the pasture I’m sure. It will be so nice not to worry about the tent and the weather for all our future reiki sessions too. 🙂

ps Happy Birthday Beth.

Photos of the day: Don’t worry little boys, those big boys will be happy in their new home.

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